Ideas for Diversity in Publishing

Ideas For Diversity in Publishing (IDP) is a volunteer coalition of LGBTQIA+ book publishers focused on encouraging and promoting efforts to increase diversity and inclusivity within the publishing industry.  

IDP provides a centralized platform for the public to share their suggestions for diversity and inclusion with all participating publishers. Publishers commit to implementing those ideas that best suit their business models and sharing the results of their endeavors. 

Ideas For Diversity in Publishing

Why we're doing this

As LGBTQIA+ publishers we know how important it is for books to reflect our lived experiences, our hopes for the future, and to see ourselves in the protagonists of our books. We want this same experience for groups whose voices and stories have been historically silenced or ignored, and for those who have felt marginalized. We have made a commitment to prioritize diversity within our fiction.

While we have individually begun to address these issues within our companies, we believe that more can be accomplished if we work together. We formed the IDP coalition with the understanding that we do not have all the answers and that if we work together and seek the input of the people and communities we wish to represent, we have the best chance of achieving our aim of ensuring our books reflect the lives and experiences of every reader.

Our Commitment

IDP is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion across the spectrum of Race, Ethnicity, Age, Nationality, Sexual Orientation, Cultural Identity, Sex / Gender Identity, Disability, Mental health, Religious Beliefs, Education, Socioeconomic Status and Body Image.

How it Works

Do you have an idea or suggestion that could help publishers in increasing diversity? We’d love to hear it. 

Anyone can submit an idea.  Once received, your idea will be shared with all participating publishers.  Each publisher will have the opportunity to review the idea and determine whether or not it’s a good fit for their organization.

Publishers commit to reporting on how ideas were implemented and the efficacy of those suggestions that were executed as assessed by hte publisher(s) who implemented the idea.  Those results will be posted here. They will also be included in our annual reporting.

No Idea is a Bad Idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Information you Share Confidential?

Your response will be shared with all the participating publishers and we can not guarantee confidentiality. Please do not submit personal or confidential information that you would not want to share publicly. You are welcome to submit your idea anonymously if you like.

Publisher Responsibility

Ideas submitted to the Ideas for Diversity in Publishing initiative will be collected and distributed to participating publishers monthly. More frequently if the volume of submissions is high. We encourage active and ongoing involvement and ask that participating publishers implement at least one idea within a rolling twelve month period in order to remain part of the initiative.

The 2022 IDP Report is Available to Download

The Ideas for Diversity in Publishing initiative will publish an annual report outlining the ideas implemented and their effectiveness as assessed by those publishers who chose to implement them. Click the icon/title above to download the 2022 Report now.

Publishers - Join Us!

The IDP project is in beta testing and is not quite yet ready to take on additional publishers. However, we invite publishers who would like to join our mission to send us an email at

Together we can make a difference.

Tell us your Idea

All ideas are welcome.
If you prefer to remain anonymous, please enter a fake name and use
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Thank you !
We anticipate that many individuals may contribute to the evolution of an idea over time. All ideas adopted by the individual publishers will be acknowledged as originating with the IDP project.
By submitting an idea, you are giving nonexclusive permission to the participating publishers to implement that idea. You acknowledge that you will not be paid or individually acknowledged for your participation in this project.

We'll report back

See how your ideas have come to life.  Check back to see how we’ve implemented them and view the results.

Committed to making a difference.

This consortium of publishers came together to work toward a single, common goal: To develop and share real, actionable ways to create a more inclusive and diverse community among our authors, readers and publishing houses.

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